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Our Team & Mission

Flexibility, Transparency, Accessibility.

Our industry is premised on the idea that hospitals don't have the time or resources to manage inventory effectively in all cases - and they can really benefit from having an external solution for their ‘surplus’. Our solution to this problem is a digital marketplace. The Index provides an opportunity various players in the healthcare supply chain to privately communicate to buy and sell independently. Issues such as: outdates, physician preference changes, restrictive manufacturer return policies, contract changes, product upgrades, multiple ownerships and software systems cause billions of dollars of losses for our hospitals annually. Our mission is to maximize the efficiencies in supply chain, and increase operating margins. A digital marketplace is a robust model that can begin with one product segment such as surgical disposables and then expand into other spaces such as power tools, metal surgical instruments, small medical equipment, and eventually even large medical equipment. As the database grows, the marketplace for transporting these materials gets stronger and more efficient.


  • Management comprises industry professionals with over 20 years of experience
  • Direct experience with excess products in US healthcare space and the need for those products worldwide
  • Materials Management and OR Buyers are granted less and less time to administer cost savings duties, and we want to broadcast an efficient solution.