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Dropship vs. Fulfillment

Dropship vs. Fulfillment

Our goal has been to create an open marketplace accommodating all types of participants. Accessibility and transparency is our motto.

Whether you're a traditional reseller storing your own products for retailing to end users - or you're a hospital looking to free up space - The Index can assist you in maximizing the return on your products quickly and easily. We offer 2 delivery models: 1) Drop shipping and 2) Fulfillment by The Index. Both of these models range between 5% - 20% depending on the product. Terms are negotiated with an Index salesman in advance.

Drop shipping users set up and militantly manage their own user accounts - product listings, auctions, direct communication with buyers, payment terms, shipping, and delivery. User profiles are more customized and feature rich than ever. Users familiar with will find a lot of similarities under this model.

Fulfillment by The Index is sort of like the of medical supplies. If you're not looking to store your own products and manage your own sales, this option is for you. The Index will send you a shipping label for your products and have them shipped to our warehousing facility in Tampa, FL. From there, we set up your own user account and manage it for you. With our deep industry knowledge, we employ strategies that maximize the value of your inventory. You receive funds directly after each sale.

Steps in Fulfillment

  1. Submit your inventory list directly to [email protected]
  2. Receive shipping label for eligible products
  3. Place label on shipment and place order for pickup
  4. Order is picked up and shipped to The Index in Clearwater, FL.
  5. View your inventory on your own Index profile
  6. Products sell and payments are directly sent to you at time of sale
  7. Reports are created. The Index is paid. Repeat.